Special Picture Collections


The 15th Century Turkoman Art of Mehmed Siyah Kalem
Islam in China
UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China
Nestorian, Manichaean and Zoroastrian
Islamic Science (in progress)
Beijing Opera
Mughal Emperors (in progress)
The Aceh War, 1873-1914
Japanese Emperors (In progress)
Japanese Ghosts and Monsters
Chinese Science (In progress)
Spanish Civil War
Armenian Genocide
Russia in World War I

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Afghanistan: Graveyard of Invaders
Ancient Angkor
Arabia's Incense Road
Burma / Myanmar: A Plethora of Peoples
Chiang Mai and the Lan Na Kingdom
Chinese Erotica of the Ming and Qing Dynasties
Democratic Kampuchea: The Khmer Rouge Regime
Indochina Wars
Japan's 47 Ronin
Japanese Militarism

Mandate of Heaven: Three Thousand Years of Chinese Emperors
Mongol Imperium: The Great Khans
Old Shanghai

Opium Wars
Orientalism in Art
Peranakan - Straits Chinese
Phuket's Vegetarian Festival
Poster Art
Revolutionary China
Shadow Puppets
Siamese Monarchs
Silk Road
Socialist Realism in Art
Sri Lanka: Celebrating Old Ceylon
Suzuki Harunobu's One Hundred Beauties
Tibetan Buddhism
Timur's Legacy: The Architecture of Uzbekistan
Vietnam: Graham Greene's Saigon
Women in Asian History