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Copyright, Image Usage and Refund Policy Pictures from History / Pictures from Asia: Copyright Statement and Rights Management Details


 1. All images in Pictures from History are in the public domain. CPA Media does not claim copyright but makes a claim as ‘provider' for finding, researching, cleaning and supplying public domain images. Pictures from History images should be attributed to @Pictures from History as source and provider.

2. All images in Pictures from Asia are copyright and should be attributed to Pictures from Asia together with the photographer's name, thus: ©Photographer Name / Pictures from Asia.

3. All images (unless otherwise stated) are available under a Limited Rights Managed License (LRM). All images are available at c.50MB.

4. Under this LRM license clients are free to print an image at any size, in any single publication, in any language, anywhere in the world. This license is good for a single use only. Second and subsequent editions of published works require a renewed purchase contract. For additional information on USE IN ADVERTISING, pricing for OUTRIGHT PURCHASE, or reduced rates for BULK PURCHASE, please contact us at:


REFUND POLICY: In the event that any image should be found unusable or unsatisfactory for any reason, CPA Media will refund the purchase in full without any deductions.


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